Poznań, 21-22.11.2014

Prelegenci I TYPO3Camp PL 2013

Robert Lemke
Ben van 't Ende
Tomasz Grzemski
Tymoteusz Motylewski
Sven Ditz
Zbigniew Jacko
Krzysztof Adamczyk
Krystian Szymukowicz
Rafał Brzeski
Daniel Homorodean
Artur Cichosz
Tolleiv Nietsch

Goście specjalni

I'm looking forward to explaining how TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow can help universities and businesses creating successful websites and applications - and why people are so excited about these community-driven products!

 Robert Lemke założyciel i lead manager projektów TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos 

I am an active member of the TYPO3 community since 2001 and member of the TYPO3 Steering Committee and the Marketing Committee. I try to link between several TYPO3 groups to get things running smoothly and report about the things going on in the community and the committees.

Ben van 't Ende, community manager projektu TYPO3

Speaker and Keynote-Speaker for countless Clients and events like BITKOM “Social Media as a Distribution Tool”, at the worlds biggest Tourism Fair “ITB” in Berlin and the Travel Industry Club “Tablet first!” Specialiced on touristic concepts and strategies, he is a usability and conversion freak.

Sven Ditz, Head of conception w sitegeist.de / Web Conception od 1996 / TYPO3-Pitch-Fighter od 2004

I represent the Romanian Usergroup, the organizers of the international event "TYPO3 East Europe" (www.t3ee.org), which aims to grow and consolidate the national TYPO3 communities in the countries from the Eastern Europe, bring them closer to the Western agencies and developers, foster their involvement and contribution, encourage the sharing of knowledge in the global TYPO3 community and explore the ways in which TYPO3 can get a much bigger share of the market in countries outside DACH.

Daniel Homorodean, Dyrektor Zarządający Arxia, Rumunia

I used and developed things for TYPO3 since 2004. Since 6 years I’m part of the AOEmedia team as a Senior TYPO3 developer. During TYPO3Camp PL I will show our best practices of TYPO3 deployment and how these should be integrated in your development workflow. It will highlight some of the most recent technologies and show how AOE GmbH integrates them towards a smooth and quick rollout of web applications.

Tolleiv Nietsch, Senior Developer w AOE GmbH

TYPO3 przyciągneło moją uwagę 10 lat temu i do dzisiaj jest glównym narzędziem pracy. Czy tak będzie również w przyszłości, zależy od tego jak praca z TYPO3 podporządkuje się nowym trendom i wyzwaniom. Temu tematowi poświęcę swoją uwagę na TYPO3Camp PL.

Artur Cichosz, Chief Developer w Quintinity Interactive

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